Tuesday, August 08, 2006

First Night

Hello, everyone.

First night in San Jose, got in at 9 PM; had no idea what I woudl do until today. Got into the airport and a table woth flyers and posters for the ISEA festival were waiting for visitors, but I didn't see anything set up at the airport. Wasn't sure if I remembered there being commissions there, but I could be wrong.

Got into town, and the convention center sign was blazing with the festival graphics, banners were everywhere. Settled in for a late night bite and got a call from Paul Vanouse, mentioning that one of the parties for the fest was at a nearby hotel.

Walked out and noticed a GPS piece of a 'hitchhiking' historical figure in computation who is supposed to be hijacked and taken to the City's historical heritage office. This really appealed to my impish side, but having gotten up at the equivalent of 5 am, I wasn't up for carrying a 40 pound standee around town.

Got to the party, and many of the usual suspects were there. Christiane Paul, Marcia Tanner, Trudy Lane, Sarah Cook, Paul Vanouse, Roger Malina, Mark Bohlen, Oron Catts, Streve Dietz, Joel Slayton, Sarah Diamond, Beau TakahARA, Machiko Kusahara, Nina Czegledy, and many others. Sorry if I don't have your name here.

Eddie Shanken was also promoting the ISEA Rapporteur project (link coming later), where we can get a conversation going about the fest. I'll get things set ASAP on that point.

The party was as intimate as a 200+ party was, and we eventually went out front to see the Karaoke Ice Cream Truck. The only piece I remember was "I Wanna be Sedated", and a large polygonal squirrel mascot was dancing about the whole time. (I thought polygony was outlawed in the US). It was truly a "what the hell was that?" moment, and everyone sighed in disappointment as it shut down, with the Windows shutdown sound issuing forth from the truck's PA.

In conversation, the usual comments about disorganization began to stir, and I'll put my two cents in on this. For some reason, I don't think I've seen an ISEA since Chicago or Montreal that has gotten high marks from the attendees for organization. I think the issues are obvious, and I'll finish up on this as my morning crew has shown up.

Day one (for me) begins!


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