Saturday, August 12, 2006

Friday continued

After going to City Hall, the trip back to the conference as another journey of reunion with old colleagues.

However, i was finally able to get to Jenny Marketou's 99 Red Balloons, which was cancelled due to high wind. Off again to CRUMB's Crisis to Bliss to spaned some time with Sandy Stone, who gave story therapy, and is the most human person I know. She's just such an amazing person.

Next, off to Lynn Herhmann Leeson's movie draft on Steve Kurtz' troubles, "Strange Culture". All in all, I think it's a movie that needs to happen, but there were rough spots that I think a lot of people in the community are going to be generous with their feedback.

I was going to see DBox/SuperVision by Builder's Association, but with a good case of bronchitis on the way, I decided to get dinner and Im with my wife for a while.


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