Friday, August 11, 2006

FRIDAY Morning

Friday morning at ISEA2006...
Thursday's engagement was a little thready, for no particular reason. Because of the late nights, I have been rising at about 11 AM, so the morning panels have been right out.

Intelligent Agent @ ISEA2006 is sold out. We'll print a lot more. No problem. Just go to the site and order yours.

The social scene is always as interesting as the show itself. Just came up from nice chats with Bonnie Mitchell, Sue Gollifer, Andra Polli, and my roomie, Paul Vanouse.

Came back up here to blog for you all.

So - yesterday...
Saw the Community Domain panel, and Trebor Scholz was great as usual, I loved Kevin Hamilton's Absence in Common. Go read it at Intelligent Agent.

After the panel, it was Beryl & Sarah's Crisis to Bliss at the Convention Center. it's pretty funny in that you have to almost scale the mount to valhalla to get there. Really wonderful, like travelling to Shangri-La.

Josephine Bosma and I hung out for a bit, and just a lot of wonderful people shared tea and traded ideas under the wartime UK poster "Be Calm and Carry On". A few of the folks included;
Jon Ippolito
Thompson & Craighead (wonderful discussion)
Sarah & beryl,
John Winet
Josephine Bosma
And a lot more.

One of the main conversations that I got very engaged in was the archival one, and I still believe that there has to be a material record, as electronic archiving of any type is intrinsically ephemeral. Not saying that paper is the only fallback, but for so many reasons, the electronic archive will eventually fail long before the atomic record. I'm no Luddite; merely a technological prqagmatist.

Afterwards, went to Randall Packer's USDAT speech (another great one), and saw the ETOY mission.Eternity container. Really stange; it reminede me of the movie Freejack, in that ETOY is considering hardcopy backup and transmission of the posthumous. Really amazing.

Drinks with Randall, et al...

WEnt to the Institute for Distributed Creativity meeting at 8PM. Met Chris Byrne and saw Jill Scott, just a lot of people from that list.

Dinner with Jon Ippolito, Jolene Blais, and Brooke Knight. Just a great conversation on permaculture, art as antibody, and committed art. Invigorating as all get out.

Finally saw Khan et al's "Fruits of our labour" at midnight. Seeing an LED movie on unseen workers in infrared on my cell phone and not in person was really powerful.

Wanted to see Tim Jaeger's VJ set at Glo, but when I went to drop off my computer, my roomie and i were exhausted... Called it a night.

Now 11:39 AM San Jose - Should probably get going.
Will see Builder's assn & SRL tonight.
My knees are dying, but I'm going to squeeze two more days out and pack em in ice in Chicago.


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