Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Org and Tuesday

As for my trailing post on rganization, it seems that ever since 96/96 ISEAS (Montreal/Chicago), there have been some concerns about organization. For a non-profit who has to organize civic, private, and non-profit functionaries, I think they've done a great job.

On to tuesday.
I was in the Wetware Hackers lab with Paul Vanouse and Natalie Jeremijenko, and I really regret not attanding the previous day with Catts & DeCosta. Learned a lot about lab protocol and practice, the reasons for sterile conditions, and so on. Really interesting.

Vanouse gave a great demo on DNA gel electrophoresis, and we learned much about representational/critical issues about DNA analysis. Great stuff. Jeremijenko had a similarly good talk about nutrient cycling in the ecology, and we engaged in part of her Hudson River 2.0 project in which we thought about food sources that would be fun and nutritious across many species that would act as chelation agents to cleanse ourselves of heavy metals and PCBs. After I gassed many of my colleagues after leaving out a brick of indonesian shrimp paste, we made a series of 'cuisine' that she would share with the fish at the local water park.

Two things struck me in regards to this - I forgot about the idea of heavy metal accumulation and meat consumption, as well as environmental footprint. A pretty compelling argument for the vegan diet. Secondly, we didn't exactly have a full kitchen to work with, so our foods were "interesting". I'm not sure how appetizing my shrimp paste, rice, and squid comfit with herring bound with peach Jell-O would be. It looks good, though...

However, Natalie made a very good point and we had a great time working with her and her great kids in creatng these projects. A lot of fun, with a great sense of humor.


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