Saturday, August 12, 2006

Saturday - entering in

Once again, ISEA has been a consistent blast of material. No way to attend it all, or even process it. I'm very active to younger colleagues like Eddie Shanken who have the energy to really try to be everywhere and comment on as much as possible via the ISEA Rapporteur.

I will merely use quick entries to try to describe things, and to try to gie a wide view of my experiences.

City Hall - Shu Lea Cheang's "Baby Love" and Acclair
For the first work, large Disneyland-style teacup rides with huge clone babies played a mix of MP3 love songs uploaded from the website as you rode around. Huge, colorful, and fun.

Acclair was a performance in which participants allowed wo be scanned to determine their "Neurocapital" to determine commodification of experience and 'security' value of the individual. Very slick, very good.


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