Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thursday Morning, Continued

Continuing on, I want to recognise the universe of discussion happening around ISEA.

Doesn't seem to be much there yet (? maybe it is my browser ?)

media arts network [ma-net]
North West UK perspectives, great plane story, no comments on the art yet.

CRUMB Crisis Centre
Amazing recipes! Any comments on the art?

New Zealand perspectives & anecdotes & a positive review of the
(wonderful) Listening Post project.

Patrick Lichty's perspectives
Last updated from a queue in O'Hare Airport. Patrick, did you make in to
San Jose?

Ken Gregory's Perspectives

Reflections on Wednesday:
Being that I've put forth my standard question interrogating the nature of the festival itself (usual for me) ,et's get to the work.

This place is overwhelming. So much work in so many spaces. You can't see it all.
My afternoon was in or near the Symposium, and I saw Franck Ancel and Alison Sant give their talks. The presentation space is staggering, with three screens, a wonderful sound system and a beautiful stage space. The audience 'lounge' space is also unique, and offerea agreat atmosphere.

Christiane Paul and I gave a quick thinks for having Intelligent Agent involved with producing the papers proceedings. The 400 copies are now gone, which is really gratifying. You can get the papers online at our site,, or order your own copy, for an inexpensive eight dollars or so.

I ound up missing Bill Viola and went to South Hall, where there was just a ton of work... Again, the mapping work was really interesting, like De Costa et al's pigeon blog, who seemed to be finding the carbon monoxinde levels to be at a medium level near the City Hall at the time.

Natalie Jeremijenko's feral robots and the visualization of their travails in London were most interesting.

A small array of LCD 'Book-watches" were just captivating, and I intend to return to look at them again.

Three pieces of note: P2P, (Power to the People), a wireless light bulb matrisx and light switch array where people can flips switches to create their own messages on the side of the building is probably one of the most elegant pieces in the show. In talking with the creators later at the Habitat Gallery party, they mentioned something really remarkable; if they did not turn it of, people in the wee hors would not vandalize it. They would actually become protective of the piece and the taggers would create their tags ont he board, which I found just wonderful.

Another piece right next to it was Pimp My Heart, which had a specially designed steering wheel with biometric sensors that would sync your heart rate and other biometrics with the beat and accoutrements on a 'pimped-out street mobile/sound system'. Seeing Natalie Jeremijenko and her kids in their car playing with the system was just priceless.

One of the most brilliant sets of works was probably the "Contaner Culture" series in South Hall,
I especially liked Kate Aprmstrong's IN[ ]EX (I am carrying a sensor as we speak), and the Tokyo work, Driftscape, which was just a beautiful metaphor on noise and information surfing.

Honor, I saw Paper Cup Netowrk, and I appreciate it a great deal as a conflation between the most primitive and contemporary technologies, as I'm getting up to speed with some Slow Scan TV exhumation. Unfortunately, as I was walking up to it, someone pulled the string from one of the cups, rendering it a little less than functional. I'd really like to see it again at another time.

One last peice in South Hall that I loved as a series of LED panels called Cloud Recognition Series, that stretched down the hall on a series of 10-foot tall LED panels with series of different cloud formations (could not find the colophon to see what the interactive component was, but it was just gorgeous.

Went to SpecFlic over at the library; more info if desired....
Also went with Marcia Tanner, Germane Co, Steve Dietz and Sarah Cook to Live Cinema Nights. Saw Sue Consable (songs about videos) and the Synasthete set. This couple sets convinced me again about the state of live cinema as in a developmental stage, reminding me once agan of Surrealist cinema. However, at this point, I wonder about how compeelign the work really is, and how the human connection can be improved. We can talk about this if anyone wants to.

Today is a workshop with Troika Ranch, and I'll be getting nto the performances over the next couple days.

I apologize for the informal natur eof the posts, as there is a lot of digest, and i want to cover as much ground as possible.

Again ZeroOne has done an outstanding job.


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