Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Tuesday night

So, after the Wetware Hackers, I went over toe see De Costa's pigeon blog event over at the SJMA. Unfortunately, we got there about a few minutes late. This particular piece caused a bit of furor with PETA, which, as in Jeremijeno's talk, as no small irony in that there were issues relating to lab practice and violence to animals, of which DeCosta's project presented none that I know, or no more than radio collars.

And furthermore, where I might have expected a Olympic-style settng forth of the doves, with the centrality of the project on the festival poster, I was told that there were maybe a few to a dozen set loose. My only crit was that the hypw of this particular project might have been a little unfair to De Costa.

After this, we hooked up with a number of other artists, including Decker, Vanouse, Catts, and Kumao and hit some of the works in the Gallery crawl on First Street.

The first piece we saw was Osman Khan et al's "Fruits of Our Labour", which is a Kubrick-esque monolith studded with IR LEDs showing videos of various laborers that Khan and his collaborators gained from the San Jose area. The only problem with the piece is that although you can only see the IR imagery from digital cameras, it only worked after 7-8 at night, as it was outdoors. I would have liked to have seen it indoors, that's all.

To be perfrecty honest, one piece seemed to be a video game environment full of characters and a Quija-like interface tot he multimedia piece - all together, well done.

The next was Frontera Electronica, a series of Latino New Meid works that played with the issue of borders and the net, which had a few good points. One was a work called "Talking to Stangers", in which you could talk to an on-call Mexican from the gallery via a video phone (how many times have I seen this sort of thing before?), and Another that has a very nicely done terrain map amd a data visualization of the Western Hemisphere by Torolab that was very nice.

I apologize For my lack of detail but at the time I was just exhausted.

The last set of works I saw over the night was just not up to my level of fatigue, but there was a wonderful psychedelic Max/MSP work on a plasma screen, and while all of the other imaging works were well done, there were a couple large prints that were so amateurish that they stood out against the otherwise professional work.

So, as I write this after an early evening, I apologize for my lack of detail and will try to get a little more information with today's events.


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