Monday, August 14, 2006

Wrpping it up.

Sunday Afternoon, and I’m in the OC writing to Honor about Saturday’s festivities. A week was just LONG in regards to keeping everything in my mind. Woke up still reeling from SRL, and got to the Wetware Hackers workshop. As a student, I felt it was my duty to support the group.

Stayed through to the Sonic Culture panel with Shawn Decker. Gave a great history of the project and the genre of electroacoustics. Brilliant.

Wait, wait, wait – Went to the C4FE and Edge Conditions, as well as Kathy Aoki @ the SJMA. GREAT show. I especially loved Thompson and Craighead’s “Light from Tomorrow”, C5’s terrain piece, and Igor Stromajer’s World Processor. Enjoyed Goldberg’s nanomechanical “Fallingwater”, and it was the first time I saw Listening Post. Functionally, it may not do much new, but it’s just such a wonderfully formal piece.

I also enjoyed SimVeillance, with its eerie dual screens of surveillance cam and sim.SJMA. Modelling the actors on video footage from previous days was a nice touch, but I may not have noticed it if I had not been told.

The Kathy Aoki paintings were another favorite, although not part of the Zero One fest. Her Cult of The Cute was a small show of about ten works, and while I can’t comment too much on the body of works I saw beyond being good representatives of her work, I enjoyed the Aoki show as much as the New Media in the galleries.

Jennifer Steinkamp, is well, Jennifer Steinkamp. Her abstract dynamic CGI projections have become emblematic of her style, and this particular show is a great representation of these works. The incredible part of Steinkamp’s work is her sheer formalism and technical prowess; her ability to fill a wall to the edges with seamless seamless multiple projections as if it were a display is impressive as usual.

Took a rest, and picked up the Acclair gang for drinks – headed over to 1st street for the Block party.

The C5 Quest for Success was really strange – a cross between American Idol and a Guggenheim Fellow grant. Participants on stage gave their presentations before prominent curators, before a relatively large audience, and it just hit me oddly, but in a really fun way.

Then, off to do some Karaoke Ice Battle. Hung with the polygonal squirrel, and did Prince’s “Kiss” for a crowd including Georghe Dan and Josephine Bosma…

By that time there were some interesting vj sets in the street, including an impromptu one with shopping carts and an inflated bag screen and MAX/MSP…

In all honesty, by then it was Midnight, and I was ISEA/Zero1’ed out.

In San Jose for six days, nearly non- stop New Media. Incredible. The organizers (aznd I have said this repeatedly) have done an amazing job. Since the Zero01 fest is planned to be an annual affair, I’ll be interested to see how it develops in the coming year beyond the ISEA conference…

That’s about it – I hope that my informal style has been acceptable, as co-producing the proceedings left me in no mood to be precise this week. Once in a while, a little hedonism is good, and this week supplied it in ample amounts.

If you want any other highlights, let me know. With the digital sieve that is my mind, I’m sure I left something out.

I hope you enjoyed my reflections.

All my best,


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